Snow Day Calculator Snow Day Calculator Snow Day Calculator Snow Day Calculator

Best Snow Day Calculator for US or Canada Peoples

Snow day Calculator Prediction Chart

Snow Percentage Calculator Prediction
0% No Chance of Snow
1% to 25% Limited Chance of Snow
26% to 75% Little and possible Chance of Snow
76% to 85% i think No School ( Snow Possibility is High )
85% to 100% No School or Early Dismissal ( Snow Possibility is Very High )

Some FAQ

How accurate is the snow day calculator?

My calculator hasn't been wrong with my school. My all friends love this calculator. its prediction for snow is 98% accurate.

How did the snow calculator work?

it is specially designed for the united states and Canadian is very simple you just need to put your zip code and press the "snow calculate" button that's it. within a few seconds, our snow day calculator gives you the result for snow in your area. you can match the percentage from the result with Our Snow Calculator Prediction Chart.

Is this free or paid?

it's totally free for all users but in future, we definitely add some paid feature like SMS alert and Email alert and many more